Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Make up tips X Marie Hair & Makeup

So I've decided to come up with a "Make up tips" post since festive season is nearing and all of us definitely wants to look good!

Let me start with a mini update first!

As you girls know, I recently got a new make up palette from Too-faced so I decided to give it a try last weekend!
Here's the look I came up with using the eyeshadow and face palette (:

Before blusher and eyeliner!

And after blusher+bronzer+eyeliner

I was trying to create this Korean girl next door but not too "plain jane" fusion look! The bun helped a little to create that look (:

The main colors I used for the eyeshadow were green, blue and grey. 
As you can see, I don't have flawless complexion!

So to add a little more sparkle to my eyes, I added shiny white eyeshadow at the inner corner of my eyes.
And of course ended off with nude lipstick and lipgloss on my lips!

With that look, I went to meet Daniel for lunch at Pizza Hut!

He had free vouchers from SAF so we had a family combo all to ourselves :D

So here are the make up tips, ARE YOU READY? ^^

1. How to create a photo-ready face all the time?

I cannot emphasize enough how much contouring makes a difference to your face/make up and a HUGE difference when you're taking picture. Invest in a good highlighter (currently using cream highligter from NARS, and powder highlighter from Too-faced) and a bronzer one shade darker than your usual skin color!

Here's how to do it.
White is for highlighting, brown is for bronzing

I don't really contour as much as the picture though, mainly just the nose, cheekbones, eyebrow bone and temples.

2. Draw your brows!

I think eyebrows are SUPER important. You can do without ANY make up but you can't have ugly brows! 
1st step : pluck/thread them at a brow salon first OR DIY if you know how to.
2nd step : fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil. use the shade that's similar to your hair color!

Start drawing your eyebrow from the end as it creates the shape for you (:

3. To have even looking complexion and for make up to stay longer!

I always apply moisturizer before applying any make up on. It helps!
And if you want it to be even longer-lasting, use a face primer. Primer settles in your pores, fine lines and wrinkles so that your foundation glides on smoothly.

4. Dark eye shadow application

Apply the lightest shade at the inner eyelid to the darkest shade at the outer eyelid. 

5. Shimmer shows off wrinkle

Avoid using shimmery eyeshadow if you have fine lines or wrinkle as it emphasizes on the wrinkle.

6. Don't play up both the lips and eyes

 You should never play up both the lips and eyes cos you might end up looking like that

Lol do y'all watch the 9pm show? It's so funny and I love Ann Kok's role hahaha.

So anyways, lighten up the eyes if you want to use dark lipstick. Vice versa.

7. How to keep lipstick off your teeth?

Apply lipstick then place a finger in your mouth. Close lips and pull finger out. 
IT WORKS, GO TRY (: Just remember to wash your hand afterwards!

These are all the tips I have off my mind. If all else doesn't work for you and you've got an important event/grad night/dinners etc.....


Marie is a friend of mine and I've also worked with her for an outdoor shoot. She's really professional and jovial, not to mention she has really good make up skills too!

She does make up for prom. D&D, parties, photoshoots, makeovers and even weddings


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$160(2 pax)
$250(3 pax)
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Rates are valid till 31 Dec and does not include wedding and ROMs.
Available from 9am to 8pm and she does house calls. 
For weddings or events that need makeup before 9am there would be a surcharge of $50 extra for transportation.
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