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Before I start on my step by step haircare procedure, I want to show you guys my new hair color which I had it done at Salon Vim! My previous sombre hair had faded to a very unsightly color and I was dying to get rid of it!
Here's my faded sombre hair...

My ends are like golden color???? It's damn gross!!!! And I personally dislike light-colored hair! You can just walk into Salon Vim and ask Gary, John or Fiona. They all know I'm the boring dark hair color girl hahaha.
So of course, I colored my hair....SUPER DARK BROWN this time!

It looks black indoor and super dark brown outdoor, but can I just say....I LOVE IT!!!!! I think it's especially apt for the fall/winter season. Besides, it brings out my features even more and compliments my dressing better! Sorry if I'm boring, but I really don't believe in coloring fanciful colors just because it's in trend. Color what suits you best!

I also did the life-saving Arimino Privy treatment which I absolutely love to death. There are so many types of treatments in Salon Vim but I gotta crown Arimino Privy cos it makes my hair super soft and manageable!
Please please please do yourself a favor and go try it, promise you your hair would be fabulous after that!
Third day after the treatment and my hair still feels like silk. 

Moving on to my everyday hair care procedure!

Here are all the products I use :

1. Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo

It's an intensive nourishing shampoo for very dry and sensitive hair. It helps to lock nourishment into the fibre and hair is protected from the recurring dry-out process. Perfect for girls like me who curl their hair almost every other day! 
I just started using this shampoo and I like it already cos usually my hair tangles up after shampooing but this shampoo doesn't do that to my hair. It also doesn't strip the moisture off my hair! 

Direction :  Rinse your hair with water and shampoo!

2. Redken Extreme Cat - Strengthening hairspray

I'm a bit lazy to use this everyday so I use it every 2 or 3 days before conditioning. This protein hairspray mainly helps to strengthen the hair decreasing breakage or hair fall.

Direction :  After shampoo, towel dry hair and spray about 3-5 times on your damp hair. Leave it on.

3. Kerastase Nutritive Hair Mask

My hair is really pretty damn dry due to all the coloring and curling hence I use hair mask daily in replacement of hair conditioner. It's richer so it provides more moisture to my hair. You can stick to a conditioner if your hair is pretty smooth and healthy.It's my 3rd bottle already and I'm loving it. It does wonders to my hair!

Direction :  Apply to the tip of your hair after using Redken hairspray. Leave it on for 2-3 mins and wash it off.

4. Kerastase Resistance Fibre Architecte

I don't exactly know what this serum does but my hairstylist told me a lot of her customers said it's very good and always buy them in bulk so she recommended me to use it also. Basically it's for brittle hair with damaged ends and split ends. This helps to seal and repair damaged hair so you can have beautiful smooth healthy looking hair. Kinda works for me cos my hair is more manageable (when I blow dry it)!

Direction : Towel dry your hair after step 3 and apply this serum on damp hair. I usually blow dry my hair after applying this serum!

5. Mythic Oil

Lastly, it's this highly raved mythic oil by L'Oreal. This oil is amazing and I can't live(leave) without it! It gives shine to my hair without feeling or looking greasy. My hair feels nourished and smoother after applying the mythic oil

Direction :  Apply it to the tip of your hair when it's dry. Use your fingers to brush through your hair. I usually curl my hair AFTER applying the mythic oil!

6. Kerastase Elixir Ultime

This isn't part of my daily hair care since this is my travel size serum! It comes in compact size so it's perfect for travelling. I conscientiously use my hair serum even when I travel, cos you never know when you have a big night out or a fanciful dinner abroad!
This serum delivers shine, nourishment and deep conditioning!

As you can tell, most of my hair products are by Kerastase. So far, I'm satisfied with their products and would definitely recommend them to anyone with dry and damaged hair like me. Tq Salon Vim for introducing these products to me and for being such an awesome sponsor. I can't imagine how my home hair would be like without these products!
You can purchase them from Salon Vim!

Some photos of my blackish brown hair right after my 5-step hair care! *no curling*

Hope this blog post is helpful in solving your hair woes!
Christmas is coming so go get a new hairdo/color/treatment at Salon Vim. Pamper yourself a little (:
You can look for my usual stylist, Fiona!
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Call them at 68847757 to make appointment


That aside, I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who took part in the giveaway. I've read every single email and I'm extremely touched. Truly grateful to have readers like you girls. What I like most about all the emails is that they are all very sincere and genuine. I'll find time to reply everyone soon. Keep those emails coming in if you haven't wrote in, I really enjoy reading them. Will announce the winners soon (:

Lastly, new arrivals are hitting the store tomorrow and I'm soooooo excited for December collections.
Managed to source a lot of pretty dresses and other stuff (like shoes) so don't stray your eyes away from TJM this month ok!! 

Tonight at 7pm!

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