Monday, 2 December 2013


I am a bit reluctant to blog about Bangkok, again but it's my first trip with Frans and it was really pretty damn fun in its own way so I guess I'll bend a bit and add some captions here and there. 
We went for 3 days but first day was spent entirely shopping so no pictures in the day!

Dinner at Nobu which was so worth it!

Headed to my friend's restaurant, Bad Motel for a photo exhibition and some drinks. 

At first it was a bit sian cos we didn't know anyone there, except for my thai friend who had to entertain his other guests so it was like two sorry girls drowning their sorrow and boredom with one whole bottle of wine until things quickly escalated. Hahah as much as I hate how low my alcohol tolerance is, sometimes it's good to help me let loose and open up myself to with people. After 2 glasses, Frans and I zapped into a table of thai people. It was such a fun night, meeting people of a different culture and meeting people who share the same interest - fashion, art and music. 

The night didn't end there and we headed to the...FLOWER MARKET! My paradise omg I really love that place it's amazeballs!!! Snagged a bouquet there to surprise my bbg to cheer her up!

My fav flowers! I like them simple, elegant and full of "potential"

 Super pretty bouquet!


Hahah thought it was quite funny seeing them camwhore at 2 opposite ends when I turned back.

Hahaha I'm a really damn fail blogger cos I'm always the one catching them do what "bloggers always do" then I'll be like oh ya oh ya I should take pictures of this and that also hahaha. I always just get too engrossed with the new environment I wna embrace the moment and forget that I'm a blog too lolol.

It was such a good getaway and thank God we left before the Bangkok violent clashes. Also thankful to have met Frans and developed a true and real friendship with her over the months. Honestly, it's not very easy to find someone who's both absolutely real and on the same wavelength as me in this industry. I'm not very aligned to the industry in fact, such as where our interests and beliefs lie so it's extremely rare for me to find someone I feel 100% comfortable with and someone I can relate to. Frans and I are also planning to travel together more in 2014 and we have started hashtagging our ig travelogue #sophxfrans . Boring girls with boring hashtag but I promise our photos will be interesting k!

As usual, not accepting any questions regarding BKK!
And also, I'd discourage anyone to go to BKK for awhile due to the protest.

Till then,

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