Wednesday, 4 December 2013


So my life has been pretty much been the same. I've been busying myself with TJM a lot lately. A lot of things cropped up like my stocks are still stuck in BKK, and shipment for JUICESEA has been delayed again. Trying to rush everything so I can launch JUICESEA by next week. It's really been too long already and I feel so bad to all you girls who have been waiting!

Anyhoos, Juicesea aside, I'll be launching some really gorgeous pieces on TJM this December so make sure you check TJM webstore every Sunday for new arrivals. Here are just some shoot pictures with Donna's newest camera!

Ju who was helping me out, thank you <3


Some siaocharbor pose to end the outdoor shoot! #sorryboutthepantyline #dontmeantokillyoureyes

Daniel came to find me after his work and we headed out for dinner! Finally met this boy after 1 week plus cos I had been busy travelling for work and preparing for TJM launches. Only realized how much I missed him after we met. Felt so blissful just having dinner with him? Told him "we need to meet more often" and his reaction was 

Meeting once in 10 days is enough MEH? I need breaks from work too, I wna go gai gai with you also!!!! We haven't even gone out properly ever since you came back from Taiwan!! Wanted to piak his face when he gave me that bemused reaction!


$39.90 for this whole plate of meat for 2 pax, and a big bowl of vege!

Daniel cooked for me the whole time hehe so touched.

Me :  "I'm very tired. You cook for me ok? Hehehe"
Daniel : "Yeah ok, you just rest and eat. I'll do it."
Me : "Wahhhhh really? Like I don't have to touch the food at all?? You cook for me all the way?"
Daniel : *nods his head like a suave man*

HAHAHA so blessed.

So anyways, this is a new branch at Upper Thomson. Should be the same as other Mookatas!

Really looking forward to Christmas though I haven't made any plans yet but I just love December. I mean who doesn't? I've just gotten my iphone 5s in silver today, and I'll be meeting Melody for the first time for brunch tomorrow, then facial afterwards. Collect Juicesea and do photoshoot, FeistHeist party, dye my out of hand hair, Swap n shop flea, and meet Vera for dinner! This week is already gonna be so awesome. Suppose to be flying to Boracay again this coming Sunday with Gushcloud but I decided to give it a miss to focus on TJM! Hope I won't be missing out too much hehe!

Lastly, because it's the month of giving..... I'd like to give away some items as promised!

Set A - Miss Selfridge bird scarf and SK-II limited ed mirror!
Set B - Victoria's Secret scarf and glitter pouch (also from VS)!

So here's that you have to do : 

Drop me an email at with the title "X'MAS GIVEAWAY" including...

Name : 
Preferred set : A/B
How long you've been reading my blog for : 
What you like about my blog and what I can improve on in 2014 :
And of course ANYTHING else you wna add (:

I'll pick 2 lucky winners on 13 December 2013 and announce it on my blog! 
Looking forward to all your emails (:
*really had fun doing the last one so let's hope this would be even better!

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