Saturday, 13 October 2012

USS + Boyfriend tag vlog

My blog has been pretty boring but this time I'm back with more interesting pictures and a vlog, so read on (:

Went to USS 2 days ago with Daniel and some friends! Thank God for good weather and student price ($55 only!!). It's either I've been to USS too many times or I just have balls of steel cos none of the rides seem to scare me at all. Like I didn't even scream or felt scared, and to such a point I was stoning a bit on the cyclone ride. I really wna go to those kickass theme parks like FujiQ or Universal Studios Hollywood!

Red is human ride, blue is cyclone ride! They are supposedly the scariest rides in USS.

Loving zee's pink shorts, like for real.

Hahahah Daniel is damn dark it's so hard for me to edit pictures. Like I need to brighten up the picture so he won't look too charcoal black, but it would make me look too white zzzZZZz.

Love this picture! I wanted a picture with Elmo but his queue was massive :( liked elmo since young!!! Wanted to get their merchandise but like a bit pointless.

Jurassic ride, took 4x!
It's damn fun cos you don't know who's gonna get wet.

Our new friend from Jakarta who has a very short middle finger lol

And this is after our 4x jurassic ride! 

Posted this on ig (@sophiachong)! Daisy set from TJM JUICE 73 (:

 This was just a random photo of us at Genki Sushi on Wed! My second time at Genki and I quite like it! The food is served on a car/train on the conveyor belt. Go there and you'll understand what I mean. The food is pretty alright for the price!


Have a lovely weekend x

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