Monday, 8 October 2012


So last Saturday was Daniel's passing out parade (POP) at Marina floating platform. As you can tell, I'm trying to be very enthu with my title lawllll. 

He and his bunkmates!

Brothers of destruction, as Daniel's friend called them.

Hahah Daniel's dad wore Daniel's old cap so he can be easily spotted. 

Looking horrid cos of the lack of sleep :(

So the denim romper that I was wearing is the one I am selling on TJM!
Really like the cutting of the romper and the crochet!!!!!! But the boob portion a bit too big for me, need to alter it soon hahaha

Daniel's good friends came down for his POP too. Thought it was really really nice of them (:

We left pretty soon after Daniel was done taking pictures with all his army friends and headed to Strangers' Reunion for POP brunch haha.

I think brunch/cafe joints are way overrated now. Too many of it but lack of quality. Like it's homogeneous and it's lacking "experience". Heard that strangers' reunion serves one of the best egg benedict around but they didn't have it that day so I'll go back and try another time. Not really going with high hopes though. 

It's Daniel's one week leave now so we'll do the boyfriend tag vlog (: bringing oreo to his place later and probably going to USS tmr also! 

Just an OOTD picture for last week's Chivas event at Balaclava!


And, make up for that night. #MUOTD hahahah

Anyways I've launched JUICE 73!! I've decided to treat y'all a low price collection so shop away (: 
Prices as low as $18.90!!!!



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