Thursday, 4 October 2012


For some reason, my body gets super patchy when I drink and recently, I've been getting headaches. Yes, even before I feel high. I think I could be allergic to certain types of alcohol like wine etc or my body just doesn't adapt well to alcohol. 

Most of us drink because of really stupid reasons. I mean c'mon, tell me which of you enjoy the bitter taste of alcohol and the aftermath of a hangover? Why do people's face cringe when they drink? WELL, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT'S NOT ENJOYABLE. Why do we drink then?

Here's are some reasons I conjured or from what my friends tell me :

1. To get high because they enjoy being "happy and carefree"
2. Drown their sorrows  -.- x10 (DRINKING DOESN'T SOLVE ANY PROBLEM)
3. It makes them look like a man (Sorry but if I saw through you, you'd terribly be downgraded to a useless man indeed!! Guys, you don't need alcohol to make you look like a man.)
4. It makes them look "rich" (ok excusable, but I'd gloat at you if you had to eat instant noodle for the rest of the week. DON'T BE SO SILLY!!)

Well basically people drink to "forget things/drown their sorrows" or to socialise which they often end up BINGE DRINKING.

1. "Forget things/drown their sorrows"

Been there, done that. DOESN'T WORK SO DON'T BOTHER TRYING. I stupidly believed that it would help to drown my sorrows when I was going through a rough patch with Daniel so I drank quite a lot knowing that my alcohol limit is very low. Got drunk, cried like crazy because my sadness seems amplified by the alcohol, woke up the next day with a horrible hangover PLUS heartache was still there. 

I know many people, guys especially, like to binge drink thinking that the moment of sadness will magically pass for them but touch your hearts guys and tell me that sad thoughts did not stream through your mind when you were drinking. IT DEFINITELY DID. And when you wake up the next morning, the problem still exists, in fact even more because now your ex-girlfriend or bosses despise you even more because you can't handle a problem rationally. 


2. To socialize

I do not deny the fact that alcohol is a bridge to socializing especially if you're already working BUT binge drinking is NOT. You don't want to meet important people and spout nonsense to them or behave retardedly in front of them at the expense of your job/a contract/future opportunities. Yes they might be laughing with you and look very happy to be around you drunks, but they are already probably making a mental note of you - "THE DRUNK WHO CAN'T CONTROL HIMSELF". 

Also, opening a lot of bottles may make you look rich but hey there are many other ways if you really want to flaunt!! 

And if you think being a drinker makes you look like a man or impresses a girl, think again. What do we girls look for in a man? A GENTLEMAN, not an alcoholic who has higher chances of getting drunk and cheating on us girls. We want a guy who, is being thrown in a club with lots of drinks but has a mind of his own to say no to peer pressure, and carry himself properly like a real man. I promise you that's the kinda man girls will go like "wahh he's so different, so charming". And if you wanna look like a man to a guy.......... seriously why are you trying to prove a point to guys who know how the game is played. Play it the smarter way! 

So you see guys, binge drinking really isn't the wisest thing to do. I'm sure fun is found in company and music in a club. There's no need for you to binge drink to prove a point(which we all can see through, well at least after this blog post hehe) or to drown your sorrows when you jolly well know it doesn't solve anything at all. Be smart, be charming, stand out from the drunks and don't binge drink (: 

If you guys/girls don't care about the damages excessive drinking does to your health in the long run (eg. stroke, alcoholic hepatitis, stomach cancer), at least think for your future offspring/spouse.

Sexual and hormonal dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lowering of testosterone concentrations
  • Sperm growth is affected
  • Lowered fertility in women
  • Altered hormonal levels in premenopausal women, which increases the risk of osteoporosis

How much of the above make you more of a man or woman? Drink wisely (:


  1. I agree, binge drinking is like suiciding for the night... Only to wake up the next morning and having to face the repercussions of an unsuccessful death. LOL
    The last time I ever drank to the point where I threw up excessively and cried from the pain was when I was 17. It shocks me when people can still hit that point in their 20's!

  2. My sentiments exactly. Personally, I think it's fun to have a drink or two but I super hate getting drunk and the aftermath!