Monday, 15 October 2012

Our 3 years journey ♡

3 years ago on this day was the day Daniel confessed to me about how he felt towards me, also the day that changed both our lives tremendously. He's been my greatest source of joy, a strong pillar of strength and an undying guardian of my life and I still thank God so much that we found each other in this sea of 7 billion people population. 

So, here's our 3 years journey together! Let's go!

1st year :

Friend stage

We met through my classmate who's his best friend, Tim (the one in grey with long-ish hair). It wasn't love at first sight so we spent a few months being friends first! This was just one of those days we always hung around at our mutual friend's place to play guitar hero/ cook/ just meet to chill.

Tim's birthday night at Chips. Still friends, but I was quite impressed/touched when he told me "Text me when you're home so I know you're home safely. And be careful of xxxx because he was trying to hit on you and probably do pervy shit".

We hung out quite a lot in a group and feelings only grew after we started talking more regularly. Like we would call each other on the phone and talk till daylight about everything. We just had chemistry like we were meant to be. 

Confession/dating stage

So this was just another day we all went for lunch in a group and went to some cafe to chill. The weird thing was that we suddenly felt awkward with each other even though we talked so much and so naturally on the phone. It was probably then we kinda knew we had something for each other. Our friends were also playfully trying to play cupid but they really didn't expect us to like each other. Like they just suspected something small and they wanted to fool around.

The picture above was this very day 3 years ago. Everyone left us that day because they had something on at night so Daniel and I decided to hang a bit more at Marina Square macs. We sat there for almost 4-5 hours just sharing everything in our lives. From small to big, shallow to personal stuff. We really enjoyed each other's company. 

Went home around 12am with a tingling sensation in my heart but didn't expect anything else to spark. We were both still tangled in our own other relationship so I didn't really want to give much thought into it... until Daniel suddenly told me on MSN

"If I were single, and you were single, I'd have liked you."

And that was the line that changed our lives. My relationship with my ex-boyfriend eventually didn't work out and I really liked Daniel (mainly because of our chemistry) so we started talking even more and going out more.

Here's a picture of us 2 weeks after his confession on his birthday (:

And our first christmas together (:

We didn't get together immediately because we both just got out of our relationships and I wanted to be dead sure I really liked him enough to be in a relationship. All my past relationships were very hasty so I didn't want this to be the same.

So we dated for about 5 months before I hinted to him I was ready.

Our first overseas trip together

So here's us on a plane to Bangkok! We were supposed to go with 2 other friends but they backed out and I was like... okayyy let's just go. We were STILL dating then!!

And on our first night in the hotel room, Daniel suddenly grabbed me and asked me to be his girlfriend with a pushpop. Pushpop cos I told him once that I think proposing with a pushpop ring would be cute but he couldn't find the ring version so he settled for the regular pushpop. 

Obviously, I said yes (:

I think this was his FIRST stayover at my place.

Genting/KL with his family

Just our regular dinner dates!

My grandpa's birthday dinner.
This was probably his first time meeting my extended family members (:

And there was a day we both wore our old school uniforms to town! HAHAH

Phuket birthday trip for Daniel

Planned a surprise trip to Phuket for Daniel as a birthday present! 

Got into our very first bike accident. It was a minor one though! 

Daniel didn't know that I booked a pool suite until at night when we went back to the hotel so he was pleasantly surprised (:

Our plunge pool which we hardly used :/

Maya Bay! 
And that was also the birth of JUICESEA (:

Birthday drinks and dinner. We were lucky cos they had fireworks (:

Our first snorkeling experience together!

Valentine's day

Daniel surprised me with this (:

Love all his handmade cards :')

Valentine's day

Our 1st year anni getaway to Batam!

As you can tell, we are both beach lovers and watersport lovers!

Our anni dinner in Batam!

And another anni dinner in Dempsey, Singapore.

6 Days Stayover
We had some kinda pact on our GPA, and I won! The bet was for him to stay over at my place for 6 days straight, and he did!! Can't exactly remember what we did but here's a brief idea.


And thank you for loving Oreo like he's your own (:

He cooked awesome carbonara and "candle-lit" in my room :D

He also helped me paint my wall, which from then on I called it OUR wall.

And here's the final result with the decals!

Also went to the zoo together...

And brought Oreo to Sentosa. HAHAH LOOK AT MY QT OREO! 

My 20th birthday

Daniel and a few of my closest friends surprised me with a room at Park Regis :D one of my favorite birthday celebrations!

Another handmade card <3

Another birthday celebration with my schoolmates (:

Hong Kong Oct 2011

Halloween partyin' at Lan Kwai Fong (: HAHAH i forced the headgear on him.

Ocean park!

Daniel's 19th birthday!

Surprised him at his house with his close friends with an elmo cake cos he likes elmo hahaha

We were going through a rough patch from then, took breaks and eventually broke up for a week in Feb 2012 but got back together slightly before valentine's day. You see, relationship is not all sweet and honey. You just gotta learn to put things in perspective and overcome obstacles together.

Our "get-back-together" valentine's dinner!

Just one of those nights we clubbed together!

His vday gift from me (:

2nd year anniversary
Booked a room in some hotel in Singapore, I forgot the name!

Anni dinner at Broth (:

My 21st birthday @ Tokyo

I didn't want to have parties or extravagant celebrations so I told Daniel that it'd be a great gift for me if he could just accompany me to Tokyo/Aussie. We settled for Tokyo in the end (:


My birthday dinner at Keyaki Roppongi Hills! 

Our inn for the second part of the trip!

And a bouquet of flowers from beautiful flower stand at Omotesando!
It was truly the best trip ever and definitely a birthday well spent. Not only did he accompany me to Japan, he bought me a wallet and made me another card too (:

Daniel's brother's wedding dinner!


And tadah..... he enlisted!! Yup, he's now an army boy!

Today is not the 3rd year of us getting together by the way, but the 3rd year of the day he confessed to me which is kinda more significant to the both of us (: 


And here's just something I wrote on my tumblr early this year. Decided to paste it in here for those who haven't read it.

" What is love?
“Nothing feels better than being there for someone you love and knowing you made him happier, even by the slightest bit.”
and it dawned on me what exactly is, love? It’s not that i don’t know nor can I feel it but rather what kinda ACTIONS do love emerge. We speak so much of love but i feel ultimately, actions are the best proof of love. Many of you asked me to do a vlog of how Daniel and I met, how we fell in love etc (and I’m sorry it’s still not up yet :x). It was not a glorious start because both of us were still tangled in our own other relationships which were unsettled then. It’s nothing I’m proud of and have always been apologetic to the people I hurt, even till now.
Honestly, when I first met Daniel I never thought he was the kind of guy i liked or that I’d even end up falling so much for him. I didn’t have the slightest intention of having a more-than-platonic-friend-kinda-friendship. In fact, he reminded me of one of my ex-boyfriends whom i kinda hated for toying with my feelings and took darn long to get over it. 
And now, after 2.5 years, i still can’t point out a distinct singular reason why i love Daniel. I just do. We have impeccable chemistry, endless topics that last us till 5am, similarity of twins which more or less bred a best friend friendship out of us. I developed into someone i NEVER knew i could be. I don’t want you to imagine cos it can get disgusting, but i gotta be honest. My point, I became so damn damn damn childlike over time with him I am almost a child whenever I’m with him. And I was never like that with anyone else. You can ask anyone, my parents or my friends or any acquaintance. I’m someone who’s quite strong and independent, someone who can seem aloof. But no, I am someone thisvulnerable when I’m with him, someone who needs so much love and protection, someone who’s reliant on him. I am someone who laughs and smiles at the slightest thing with him around. I am someone who breaks out into tears so easily when I’ve never shown more than 3 of my friends my crying face. I am someone who will grab and slap a guy on the dancefloor if he takes advantage of my friends but I only have a fraction of that courage when I’m facing a situation with Daniel. 
And I love him so much I can read him like a book. In fact, I know him better than he knows himself and he will reluctantly admit this. I know it when he’s down, when he’s sizing a new friend up. I can see through the hidden meaning of his words and thoughts, and most of the time I know which shirt or pants he’s gonna pick up in Zara store even before he passes it. I know he hates fruits and celery, loves chocolates and burger king and wonder why people dislike porridge. He dislikes steamed fish cos they are too scaly, and loves anything related to history or politics. 
These are the good parts of the relationship. Knowing your partner well, being comfortable with him, creating beautiful memories together but these aren’t the elements of a strong and sturdy relationship/love.
We had our down times. He once did something which scarred me so deeply I could have slapped him and left like most girls would. Forgiving is easy, forgetting is hard. I am still trying and that’s because I love him and I won’t let him go over one wrong thing he did and forgo every good things he had ever done for me and for us. I’ve walked out on him and did things he hated the most. He hates it the most when I walk away or keep quiet when we quarrel, but I did it so many times. And so many times, he chose to forgive me and not let go of me. I’m sure I have done things which have scarred him, if not hurt him too but he always returns with a hug and a heart of forgiveness. 
His feelings are now mine, his happiness and his sorrows are all mine. I can relate, i want to. His happiness means more than mine to me. And if there was a way I could fight for his happiness, and to protect him any way i could (even physically in a fight), I would. 
I even engraved “fight” on my tiffany & co necklace because I want to fight hard for what’s worth. I want to fight obstacles that will come in our ways. I don’t want us to be defeated. Loving someone is not always all sugar and honey. It’s about fighting because he/she is worth your fight.
And I think that’s what i deem love. It’s not selfish, it’s fighting for what’s worth, it’s having a bestfriend out of a lover, it’s sometimes sacrificing your own happiness for the one you love, it’s compromising, it’s understanding, it’s trust, it’s forgiving. And i think we have it. 
And for those who are in a relationship, I just want you to know that EVERYrelationship loses its spark after awhile. It is scientifically proven that it happens after 3 years(or 2, i can’t really remember). It feels like ‘deadness’ submerged into the relationship, you feel bored or uninterested etc. It’s perfectly normal, AND IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU STOPPED LOVING THE PERSON. It only means you’ve forgotten how it feels to be in love, but you still love. If you break up with someone because you think “feelings faded” for that person, it’s only gonna keep happening to every relationship you’re gonna have. Every beautiful memories you have created with your boyfriend when you guys were in love will be the strength you need to continue loving him in a brand new way. 
Pardon these random thoughts. It’s just something small that happened tonight that triggered this. Hope it didn’t bore you out, goodnight! "

Hope y'all enjoyed reading the brief journey of our 3 years together!

Here's a little promotion dedicated to Daniel for being there for me all these years. Without his support and help, I wouldn't have that much strength and courage I have for TJM (: 



  1. Hey dear, I came from your blogshop and I want to let you know I enjoyed reading your post! I'm almost hitting 3 years with my boyfriend (too!) but I went through almost the same thing as you. Breaking and patching around 2nd year and all that and I like how you wrote "fight for what it's worth for". Such a sweet post!

    ♡ Jaslin from

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading! (: All the best for your relationship!

  2. Hi pretty! Definitely love this post and feel so happy for both of you though we don't know each other :p The old post from tumblr can totally relate to how i feel and what i am going through now though my relationship is just 1 year plus and still counting. not to mention, it is long distance too which it will continue to be that way for another 3 years or more. haha such a cute and sweet post, really!! all the best for both of you and i will hoping to see a post regarding your engagement with him after a few year times! :D