Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My type of guys!

Every girl has an ideal type of guy. Smart, rich, good-looking, humorous, faithful. These are usually the traits most girls look for right? Here are things which will capture my attention!


This is one damn thing that can sweep me off my feet. Generally, I like smart people. Not exactly academically inclined guys, but guys who have EQ and IQ, eloquent and can handle difficult situations or touchy topics well. I like guys who have a good command of English, usually one who reads a lot and is knowledgeable in every damn thing. If a guy has looks, nice bod and speaks childishly/stupidly, he's straightaway out of my "like" radius. Brains over brawns yo.


Looks are very subjective. Like how so many girls are crazy over Robert Pattinson, G-dragon, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner, I'm not. Well they are good-looking but not my kinda good-looking. Here's my kinda good-looking...

Can you see the similarity between all of them? They all and charismatic. See, it boils down to smart again hahaha. I like my guy simple and matured. And I guess I like my guy a bit scruffy looking? I'm not into the whole cute boy thing. Nahhhhh. If I had to choose someone in the Korean showbiz, this is who I'd choose!

Song Seung Heon - acted in "Autumn Fairy Tales", and now "My princess" (I just started watching this cos of him hahaha)!
So yup in terms of looks, the guy doesn't have to look ravishing. What's more important is that he looks smart, pleasant to my eyes, matured and exudes X-factor.


This is especially important to me cos no matter how good-looking or how smart a guy can be, my interest in him would die over time if there was no chemistry. I'm not referring to butterflies in my stomach or "electrical charge" when our eyes meet. I'm talking about someone of the same wavelength, who can carry out interesting conversations with me, and has similar viewpoints in life as me. Someone who can be like a best friend to me at times. D and I have excellent chemistry so that's really a super plus point (: VERY IMPORTANT.


I N E E ED a guy who's driven cos I'm someone who's very driven and determined so I cannot be with someone who's slothing behind me. He doesn't necessarily need to pursue the best things in life, but he certainly must be someone with realistic dreams and makes the effort to materialize them. If he's passionate about something, then pursue it. Be it music, sports, studies, career. I just don't like a guy to sit around and do nothing. 


In other words, he can't be a spoilt brat. I love venturing new things and my other half has to be adventurous too. Sky-diving, travelling, trying roadside delicacies etc. I don't want to be with someone who only eats at restaurants, only takes SIA planes, someone who only stays in the room and order room service, someone who wouldn't risk walking and getting lost with me in a foreign country, someone who won't try out the "poorer" side of a country or culture. I really love exploring and learning new things, so much so I might call myself "Sophia the explorer" hence my guy better be "Daniel the explorer" too hahaha.


Without a doubt, this is the most imporant of all. If you have the above 5 points but lack this, you are also out of the radius. I don't understand how some people can be in a relationship where the boyfriend is allowed to flirt around and cheat cos I will never allow this to happen to me. Faithfulness is one of the rarest traits in guys nowadays, hence it's one of the most precious and most important to me. 
A filial guy also tells you a lot about how he's gonna treat you when he marries you. He's gonna love you the same way he loves his mum so filial piety is very important to me too. It kinda encompasses his upbringing and values as a person too, no?
Also, I guess it also adds more points for me if a guy comes from a christian background. 


I think this blog entry just moved from "guys who catch my attention based on first impression" to "guys i would fall in love with". Well, till date, I haven't really met anyone who fulfils ALL the traits I like except know who(D). These are just traits I like in a guy but not what I'm consciously looking for. I don't create a mental checklist when I meet people hahaha. That would just be...stressful. And let's just say imperfection makes perfection. Sometimes the most ideal people turn out to be not so ideal after all, so love happens when you least expect it (:

I'm glad that after wandering one big round, I'm still with(well almost) the guy who never ever stopped capturing my attention since day one.

Share with me the kinda guy/girl that capture your attention! I'm interested to know! (:

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