Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Been super busy with school and TJM lately I can hardly breathe, so when I found out Gushcloud got me tickets for Phantom Of The Opera(POTO), I REALLY DIED OF HAPPINESS!!! 

Had only watched the movie when I was younger and never had the chance to watch the musical.


The world's most successful and popular musical, and the longest-running show on Broadway, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, comes to Singapore for a strictly limited season in July 2013. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber's phenomenal hit celebrated its 27th anniversary on the West End stage last year, and continues to play to full houses nightly in London, New York and around the world. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has been seen by over 130 million people worldwide, has been performed in more than 27 countries, has won over 50 major theatre awards, and has grossed more than US$5.6 billion. 

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is a heart-wrenching story of the mysterious, hideously disfigured Phantom who lives beneath the Paris Opera House, and his obsession with the young singer Christine. Disguised as the 'Angel of Music' he devotes himself to creating a new opera star, and winning her love from his rival Raoul, while exercising a reign of terror over the Opera House. 


Got stall seats some more! Thank you Sheena and GushCloud <3

My plus one was Cailing whom I haven't met in ages! Miss you dearly!

No photography allowed during the musical so this was the only photo I could get before the show started!

Verdict of POTO : 
I LOVE IT!!!!! I couldn't stop telling CL "omg so nice so nice so nice" throughout the whole show. The songs, the act, the dance(esp the ballet moves) moves, setting, backdrop, costumes and lightings were I M P R E S S I V E! I don't think I'm gonna like any other musical more than POTO already! And the best part of the musical was that it felt so engaging and tragic I actually felt like tearing at some point? Everything from the start to the end was perfect!!! 

One of my favorite scenes!

Pity it's gonna end on 1 Sept cos it means most of you probably can't catch it after seeing this blog post! :/

Here's a POTO trailer for those who are interested!

Thank you bb for coming with me today! 

I feel like I've cheated a bit today cos I didn't do any work at all. I'm swamped with school assignments and TJM stuff I really feel like the only time I get to rest is when I sleep (6-8 hours a day). 
Anyhoos, guess who got a new phone!!! YAY I finally got rid of my cracked Iphone and bought my Samsung S4! Still trying to figure out how to use the phone. Please tell me the good apps to download on my askfm here!!! Spanksssssss~~

Ending with a Park Sora inspired make up I did!


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