Sunday, 4 August 2013


Before I start talking about my brunch on Saturday, let me just talk a little about cabbing and taking bus.
Daniel and my good friends around me know that I'm someone who's super reliant on cabs. I'm super lazy to wait for buses and go through that long journey unless it's an express bus so I always end up cabbing. What's worse is that I always call for cab which costs another $2.30-$3.30 which is SUPER unnecessary. There are so many other charges like peak hour charge, midnight charge, airport charge, and CBD charge! Recently, I've started writing down my expenses in my organizer and realised I spend a lot on cabs. It's like I just gotta top up a bit more and I can pay monthly instalment for a cheap car already. 

I'm sure many of you out there face this same "problem" as me - cabbing unnecessarily.
One typical cab ride for me from Jurong to town would cost about $15, and to school would be around $9. If I take a bus to school it would be only $1.50? And to town $2. The difference is $8-$13 per ride. If I bus to town and bus back home, I can save $26 a day WHICH IS A LOT considering I cab almost every day. All this only hit me this month when I sat down to calculate all my expenses and money I can actually put into my savings or better use instead. Getting up earlier, leaving your house earlier to take a bus/train to your destination really can save you quite a lot of money which you can put to better use like a short getaway! So from now on, I'm gonna try my best to take bus/trains when there's no need to cab! And so, yesterday I took a bus to HV to meet Jiayi! #successful


Truffle fries!!!!

We had brunch at this new pop-up cafe in Holland Village called Park! The concept is pretty cool. Truffle fries were very cheap and pretty nice but the caramelized banana pancakes were a bit too sweet for my liking. Will definitely go there to try other dishes again!

Picture taken from Park's facebook!

281 Holland Ave, #01-01
Singapore 278996

New arrivals coming up on TJM tonight at 7pm!


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