Friday, 14 June 2013


Sofie recommended this small little sushi bar that's tucked inconspicuously at the back of level 3 at Far East Plaza. Daniel and I decided to try it! We both love jap food so much we eat it almost whenever we meet.

The Aburi Salmon roll is really impressive, and this coming from a non-salmon lover definitely means something. The Ebi roll was pretty good too. Daniel and I really enjoyed our dinner, and I'm certainly going back soon to try the soft shell crab maki which I overheard from the other table that it's legendary.

The Sushi Bar

Far East Plaza, #03-89
Monday - Sunday, 12nn - 9pm

Went back to Milly's to do my lashes again. Back to single lashes and I'm loving it! It's a lot more comfortable in my opinion, and it suits my daily look more (:

With no eye make up at all! I'm loving the clean look (:

Milly's is running an eyelash extension giveaway! Simply follow the instructions above and stand a chance to walk away with nice lashes like mine!!! (:

While waiting for Daniel to shop. That guy is one true shopaholic, I don't even think I have that much energy to comb the entire town just to look for a pair of shoes. I only like to shop overseas, Singapore is just chilll and work all the way. But yes, that's me resting in Massimo Dutti after 4 hours of shopping while Daniel was trying on his shoes. DEAD TIRED NOW! Didn't even expect to stay in town to shop that's why I dressed so sloppily :(

Going down to Jcube for the Miyoc event this weekend, hope to see y'all there (:

 photo AA.jpg

Launching new collection tonight at 7pm!


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