Thursday, 20 June 2013


 Being a frequent traveller to HK and having my ancestral roots (maternal grandma) from there, I didn't want to miss out on HK multi-label store, I.T which houses brands like 5cm, Izzue and more.
The opening launch theme was fashionably edgy so I decided to curl my hair and braid it to one side. Tutorial on that, yes? ^^ I also decided to edgy-fy my look with my disco HW pants and a fur coat!

My date for the night (:

I look like a giant beside them :( pains of being a taller girl.

There was braiding service at the party so I jumped at the chance to re-braid my hair hahah

Bumped into Trey there!

Thank you for accompanying me to the event though you were bored hehe.

I should do a vlog soon right? Haven't done one for quite awhile already!!

Happening tomorrow!


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