Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What's in my bag vlog | BKK Visuals

Here are some visuals of my Bangkok trip with Myra in August! 

Girls' room indeed.

Can you see how tightly I was holding myra's hand cos I was FREAKING scared. My first and probably last time of fishspa. I'm damn lousy luh, not scared of insects/animals/height but scared of fishspa -.-

Yeah I almost cried :( I'm usually the "play it cool" girl, like I won't shriek/whine/scream but I did all 3 that night. So embarrassing but I couldn't help it.

Route 66!

Kickass night though it was just the both of us.

So yeah I won't be going into detail since I did a BKK guide here awhile back. Hahah y'all can spare me from the Bkk questions on FS already, pretty please ^^ 

Hope y'all enjoyed my "what's in my bag" video (: 
Have a great week ahead!!


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