Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Weekly Update!


Just gonna do a quick update of my week so far!

Last Saturday saw Daniel and I having brunch at MBS. We couldn't decide what to eat so he suggested trying the "atas" coffeebean. Terrible mistake cos the food was horrible. I didn't like any of the food at all. Only the coffee was decent. But guess we could strike the MBS coffeebean experience off our list. It's kinda different from other coffeebean outlets, this has a full food menu but really... they should just focus on what they're good at.

My very tanned susulan thanks to army.
He was already very dark to begin with. Now he's just black hahaha

Went out in specs cos of my eye infection. Thank you my dearest for taking care of me week after week cos I kept falling sick, then now eye infection.

Popped by Baden's @ night after our movie. Watched The Campaign which was quite good!

Gifts for my susu from overseas trips when he was in field camp. Crazy hersheys cost $12!!! I only realized after converting the currency back in Singapore. Sian, you know how everything SEEMS cheaper when you're overseas cos of the currency but dayum.... $12 for a packet of chocolates. But it's worth it as long as susu likes it!

Bought him the polo tee when I was in Bali!! It was cheaper, and I know Daniel wanted it so tadahhhhhh!! I'm his fairy godmother hahah

Recruit susu is in camp now and he's booking out on Friday! We might be booking a hotel room this weekend for a mini staycation! I want MBS but walauuuuuu so expensive!! $400 a night in Singapore!!! 

Anyone kind enough to get me cheaper rates??? Don't have to be this weekend, anytime also can! I just want to try the MBS experience haha *kiss kiss*

This was yesterday! Met Jia for our cupcake date! Nomzzzz, tried strawberry cream from Plain Vanilla and it's damn awesome! I REALLY LOVE PLAIN VANILLA <3 I wish they opened one at my void deck hahahah
MY OOTD! #latergram lolz

Whole outfit except for shoes and bag from !
The colour of the blue bralet is nicer in real life than in pictures but just can't seem to capture it :'( Love the blazer also cos it's soft and fitting!! Shorts will be up in this Friday's collection.


Just a random thought. Do you guys think that dogs have sixth sense? Oreo seems to exhibit sixth sense. Like we live on the 10th floor and he seems to know someone is back even before the lift door opens. He can't possibly smell my parents from the 10th floor when they're all the way on the 1st floor right? We all don't really come back at fixed timings also so can't be he knows. And dogs also seem to be able to tell bad people from good ones even when they don't have any sign of being "harmful". 
I tried to research online but I can't really find a legit answer :(


  1. Read the book 'A Dog's Purpose' by W/ Bruce Cameron! It's written from a dog's perspective but I'm not sure how accurate it is haha. It's good though (:

  2. Sounds interesting! Maybe I'll go get it. Did you get it from Kino or?