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When was the last time you guys got completely wasted/drunk/sloshed? Like to the stage you're lying on the floor outside a club, or spouting nonsense which you don't mean, or making out with some random dude whom you barely know. 1 week ago? 1 month ago?

Getting drunk is such a common matter nowadays so I'm gonna be sharing my own experience and opinions about it today!

The first time I got drunk was at a friend's birthday celebration, and I didn't care about my alcohol intake despite knowing that I'm not a good drinker. It was just the start of the party and I was so drunk I puked 6 times altogether that night. I was lying on the couch like a zombie, puking out my dinner in my friend's toilet (i remember there was vege and sausages in my puke and WE ACTUALLY STEPPED ON THEM COS WE THOUGHT IT WAS FUN -.-) and cried cos it felt so horrible. No matter how many times I puked, it didn't seem to get any better. My other girlfriends were so horribly drunk that they just knocked out flat on the floor. One even sobbed for hours without stopping!! ALL our boyfriends who weren't there were worried sick!! I had my friend to send me home cos I couldn't walk properly and when I reached 10th floor which was the level of my house, I puked again in a plastic bag and threw it down from the 10th floor (pardon me, I really wasn't thinking straight)!! Plopped on my sofa till the next morning with a hangover fever and headache. That was the WORST drinking experience for me and from then on, I told myself not to EVER EVER get so wasted again. I didn't even get to enjoy my friend's birthday properly and I had to burden so many of my friends to take care of me!! :(

I'm really super thankful that I didn't do anything I'd regret when I was drunk that night but I'm just one lucky girl. 

If you club occasionally,  you should know this are common sight outside/in clubs...

*Pictures taken from Google

I really think that girls who can't carry themselves decently is a major turn off!! Do they NOT MIND flashing their butt cheeks or their panties off or is it because they are so drunk that they're unaware of it? Hooking up with random dudes, having one night stands because you're drunk? That's just not classy. I used to hate clubbing and never wanted to start on it because such things happen too often and it's soooooo freaking repulsive BUT I realized it's not clubbing as a whole that makes one loses its "dignity" or sense of decency, it's  the lack of control for their alcohol intake which results in such acts. 

I know some girls don't mean for such things to happen so, 
Respect yourself before you want to command respect from others!

Be the last man standing together with me!

Last man standing is a campaign done in collaboration with Health Promotion Board to encourage youths like us to party without getting drunk. A breathalyzer test will be done and those who are sober will walk away with attractive prizes. Perks of being sober ^^

Here's the gauge of your sobriety!

Zirca is a participating club which practises responsible drinking. Bartenders will spot early signs of drunkenness and will serve you mocktails instead of cocktails or even not serve you any alcohol at all. 

Learn about the Last Man Standing video below!

This is the concoction to a good night
Great company + awesome music + just a little bit of alcohol

I really hate leaving a club looking completely different from how I looked at the start. Like messy hair, groggy eyes, smudged makeup and alcohol-stained dress, HATE IT!! So I really do make it a point to limit my alcohol intake so I look alright in pictures ^^ .... LIKE THIS...

And still can wake up the next day without hangover to have awesome brunch :D

I know sometimes it's hard to say no to alcohol when you're in the partying mood so here are a few tips for you!!

- Set a limit to yourself and stick to it! Make a pact with your girlfriend not to cross a certain number of glasses!
- Alternate an alcoholic drink with water or mocktail
- Don't drink on an empty stomach. It can increase your appetite for food and may cause you to overeat (HUH! GIRLS WHO ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT READ THIS!!)

- Eat before and during drinking, but avoid food that makes you thirsty! 
- Work that drink. Move around, dance or chat with friends instead of sitting down (another reason for you to save money of getting a table)

And guys, did you know that alcohol decreases your testosterone level and increases your estrogen level? 
Bad idea to binge-drink if you're trying to impress a girl that night, you don't want her to take you for a gay ^^

This was taken last Friday! Had so much fun even without much drinks so girls and guys, you don't have to binge drink to have fun (: 

Join me to be the #lastmanstanding!
Check out for more info.

Be smart and be classy, don't binge drink and do things you might regret for your life (:


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