Monday, 23 March 2015

Saigon Day 1

Hello from Saigon! Did some sightseeing today but I'll leave that for another day. Here are some of my day 1 pictures (: Enjoy!

Clean space at my Airbnb apartment

In case you're wondering, I'm not sponsored by Airbnb this trip. I paid for it cos Airbnb is a travel lifestyle I truly enjoy (: No regrets booking this apartment at all!

Prior to this trip, I had my hair done at Salon Vim. Decided to go even lighter with the highlights so I tried out ash blonde (or brown)? Really like it! 
Readers get 15% off first visit when you mention my name (: 
Thank you SV and Fiona for the purrrdy hair! 

 Love this photo!

Went to this area called 3A station which sells local designers' apparels! Pretty interesting but very small.

My Airbnb host recommended us to check out this flea market in District 7 and it was quite nice! Managed to get a few nice accessories and mini macarons for my sis. No pictures there but here's one by the river while catching the sunset!

Dinner at Nha Hang Ngon which is pretty popular among tourists. Thought the food was alright only though :/

So far, Saigon's been rather pleasant! I really love the french influence on the architecture, sometimes I feel like I'm in Paris. It's a good place if you like museums and history (fortunate for me cos I love history) but there's nothing much to shop for. There are quite a lot of hipster cafes in Saigon so that's a pro too! Going out for dinner now, be back with day 2 soon!

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