Sunday, 15 February 2015

Corgi day!

So recently Daniel and I have been quarrelling a lot, and I mean A LOT. It's so hard for us to even spend one proper weekend together cos that's when we always break out into fights. It's been going on since the year started and trust me, fighting gets really tiring both mentally and emotionally. So last Sunday after our major fight on Friday night, we made it a point to make up before the weekend ended so we could spend some quality time together. So glad we did! We had lunch at Pacamara (didn't take pics of the food cos I really wanted to just spend time with him and not get busy with Instagram or what not) which was really awesome by the way. Pacamara serves great coffee and has a nice minimalistic interior. 

Then we headed to a pet shop near his place called Halo Pet Mountain Thomson. Omg the puppies there are EXTREMELY cute!!!! I literally spent about an hour in the shop just playing with the corgi. Super in love with it but it's quite expensive for me to buy and idk if Oreo will get along with him :( I love how they don't cage the dogs up though and let them run freely in a big space with grass carpet. And the dogs kinda get to interact with each other so that makes them happier! I wanna work there.....................hahahah.

It's my favorite pet shop now! Thank God it's super near Daniel's so I can visit more often. If you're planning to visit, do drop buy 928 Ampang yong tau foo for lunch also! It's my favourite ytf and it's just a few shops away from the pet shop.

Halo Pet Mountain Thomson
910F Upper Thomson Road 

Ending off with some random photos all over the week.


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