Tuesday, 3 February 2015

3D Eyebrow Embroidery!

Remember 1 year ago I blogged about my eyebrow embroidery here and the touch up+final look here?
I recently went back to Amy Beauty Link to do again cos it has faded off quite a bit after a year and I'm really getting super lazy to use eyebrow pencil. I wanted my brows thick enough that I don't have to draw them anymore! Went back to Amy cos I genuinely trust them with my brows (my dad and friends go there too!). Quite a lot of eyebrow specialists approached me last year for sponsorship but I didn't take up any cos Amy's the best!

Here's my before brow!

Looks more faded in real life though but still quite dark for 1 year after embroidery! 

And here's one day after my eyebrow embroidery

Hahah very dark cos it's only the 1st day!
Changed the shape of my brows a bit to make the front of my brows lower so it kinda help to define my nose more. Also raised my arch slightly more so it looks more feminine! I'm not really into the korean straight brows but they can do any shape you want. Angel, my eyebrow specialist, will draw my brows to the shape I want before starting so that I can adjust before confirming!
The first few days of your embroidery will be very very dark but it will fade off after 4-5 days and it will look very natural and nice after that!

Here's my brow without drawing on day 5!

I love it so much! Don't need to draw anymore heheh. Of course you don't have to do until so dark, you can choose whatever shape and level of darkness you want. Eyebrows are really SUPER important cos it frames your whole face. 

My dad did embroidery with me last year and here's the pic! He just went back to touch up also hahah.

I highly recommend Amy Beauty Link for eyebrows!
Hurry call them and book before CNY k, cos they are very busy during CNY.

Usual price is $450
My readers pay : $398 (with a complimentary touch up)
Just remember to quote my name when you call!

Far East Plaza
Tel : 67382180

Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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