Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I don't know of people who still read blogs now but I'm just gonna pen it down anyways since it was such a great weekend for Daniel and I. We haven't been spending much time with each other lately cos I've been travelling and both of us are very busy with work. The long weekend he had coincidentally fits into my free week nicely before I fly off for another work trip tomorrow. 

Here are just some outfit pictures I took on Saturday with my new bag (lol thinking of selling it off already cos I bought the wrong color!!) and an upcoming TJM long cardigan!

Sweet potato fries!!!

I know lantern festival is over but I was in China and I saw these really cute and cheap hot air balloon lanterns so I bought quite a lot back and dragged Daniel to play with me. Haha

Sorry pardon my "pyjamas" state. Hahah

The next day we went to RWS for the trick eye museum and it was surprisingly quite fun!

Pictures from Trick Eye!

Wahaha I'm finally taller than you!

Slumber party with the panda haha

 Pretty obvious who's having more fun yeah? hahaha

Daniel strikes again hahaha

Lol Singapore can be quite boring with the usual Orchard road so the trick eye museum is a good change to our boring weekends. The museum is a tad small but it was still fun nonetheless!

You can check it out here ->

So glad we got to spend quality time together this weekend. Will be back with another post soon. I wanna try blogging more haha.

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