Monday, 24 December 2012

香港 DAY 1


So as promised, I'm back with HK post!! I know some of you asked me for a HK guide. I'll blog about my trip first then do a guide at the end ok? (:

Last week was a very very rough week for me. Personal problems, problems with Daniel, stress and tired from all the work/TJM. Felt like I needed a good break cos I was at the verge of breaking down. So last minute, I decided to go Hong Kong. Like really damn last minute!!! I decided and booked my flight+hotel at 12am on Monday morning and flew off 7 hours later! I actually wanted to go alone cos 1) it was meant to be a lone trip break 2) who can go with me on such a late notice?!!!

But Serene, being the most awesome friend she is, spontaneously agreed to go with me. So yeah, we spent the few hours packing luggage and poof....OFF WE GO TO 香港!!! #yolo

Flew by Cathay Pacific cos I wanted a more comfortable flight but err.... IT WAS SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE??? And the plane food was quite bad. Plus I paid $600 for the flight :'( Was so looking forward to a comfy flight cos I had no sleep that night and damn little sleep for the past week...

Reached HK at 11am and we took airport express from the airport to Hong Kong island! HK is separated into 2 if you don't know, HK island and Kowloon.

The airport express is even more comfortable than our plane!

Went for lunch straight after! Can't remember where this was but it was average only!!

I didn't want to waste too much money on hotels so I decided to book a hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. For those who don't know, HK hotels are pretty expensive. Average is about $180/night - $300/night? Booked this hostel called Panda Hostel for $100/night after tax!

This is our pathetic room. We have our own private room and toilet, but goodness it's damn BLOODY BLOODY X100 SMALL!!! 10m^2, just imagine! I'm standing right at the entrance taking this photo.
The bed was hard as a board so it was very uncomfortable. Not recommended if you're going with your boyfriend or family. It's really just a "sleep and go" kinda room. Location is damn good though, and the room is very clean!

View from the bed. 

Headed to Mongkok Langham place to shop cos there's Monki and H&M!!

First time in Collect Point (a shop that brings in foreign brands) and it's pretty cool. Shall go back there next time!!


Monki was quite disappointing though :/ Bought quite a number of things from H&M cos the sale is quite good so the things are a lot cheaper than Singapore!

Roadside stall!

Serene looking so happy with her fishballs!

Hui Liu Shan! Another of my favorite place to go in HK cos they focus on mango desserts <3 They have super a lot of outlets so it's quite easy to find! 

Duck duck duck~~~

Then shoe shopping at Fa Yuen Street <3 
SUPER A LOT OF BOOTS AND OTHER KIND OF SHOES!!! All below $30 but of course, the quality is not like fantastic luh!! Only bought 5 pairs :( haha bought 16 pairs when I was in Taipei that time. That one really spammmmmm.

Went back to our hostel to put down our loot and camwhored a bit :x

LOL how's our act cute pose? Werkin' for ya?

Headed out to our area to gai gai and for dinner!! Tsim Sha Tsui!!

Little miss grumps.

It wasn't very cold on the first day, like I think it was 20 degrees? 

Walking towards Harbour City. The street and shops are so nice right!!


In case you haven't noticed, we were wearing the same leather jacket ^^ 

1881 Heritage! One of the most stunning places in TST!!! It always looks so majestic and done up.

I literally screamed when I saw the huge teddy bear!!! SO DAMN CUTE  
I want it in my room :(

A part of TST map (: my hostel is at Cameron road! Just look at the amount of subway exits they have just for one station. I have a love/hate relationship for HK train station cos it's damn huge and has tons of exits so you gotta walk a lot just to get out of the station but the advantage is that it's very easy to get to different places also!

Settled for dinner in a Korean fast food restaurant called Hungry Korean! Pretty decent and reasonably priced. Located at Ashley Road, TST!

My Bibimbap set meal which cost around SGD$10?

Walked over to Peninsula Hotel at Salisbury Road after dinner. To me, it's also one of my favorite hotels in HK. Not that I've stayed there before cos it's crazy expensive, but because the architecture and decor of the hotel is just stunning. Never EVER fail to wow me when I'm in HK!

The christmas lights just make me so so so so happy!


Ended our first night at Avenue Of Stars. Don't mean to overuse the word "favorite" in this post, but the view at Avenue of Stars is also my favorite of all. There's just this very warm and homely feeling whenever I'm facing this view. 

Somehow or rather, it just reminds me that I'm in Hong Kong and I'm somewhat at home. It could be because I can speak cantonese pretty fluently, or that I'm rather familiar with the place, or because my grandma/great-grandma was from HK, or that my childhood friend and some good friends live in HK that makes me feel so attached to HK. 

It's only been a week since I was there and I'm already missing it. 
Gonna blog about Day 2 and 3 very soon (:
Stay tuned!!!



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