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Bali Guide 2.0

I'm back with the 2nd part of Bali Guide and I'm so excited for you guys to check out Nusa Lembongan for yourself. Well Lembongan island is a small island off the main island of Bali and it takes approximately half an hour to get there by fast boat from Sanur informal "ferry terminal". It's a pretty quiet island to shake legs and chill so if you're looking for adventures, I'd say look elsewhere!

We hired a driver for 6 hours for USD$50 (for both Daniel and I) when we reached Nusa Lembongan to drive us and that included fees for snorkelling and its equipment. So our first stop was to this inconspicuous hut that conducts snorkelling tours. We were lucky enough to get our own boat and a very friendly captain!

1. Snorkelling

Crochet top : Upcoming on The Juice Market
Bikini : Seafolly
Tribal Pants : Overseas
Accessories : Overseas, Marc Jacobs

Our captain sailed us out further for about 10 mins so we could see coral reefs and colourful fishes and I'm so happy we snorkelled there cos it was the best snorkelling trip I've ever gone on! Wish I brought my underwater cam, so many beautiful fishes and coral reefs!!!

We spent about 1 hour snorkelling in the water before heading off to our next destination!
Here are some beautiful aqua blue sights along the way

2. Yellow Suspension Bridge

Daniel and I were very disappointed when we reached cos we were expecting a very nice and maybe majestic-looking bridge but nope, it was JUST a normal bridge that linked Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan. Meh. We left very soon after taking some touristy pictures.

Spotted a seaweed plantation!

3. Dream Beach

Okay, now we are talking. Dream beach was literally a dream. I was astounded by the beach cos it was beautiful!!! The crystal clear water, clean beach, huge crashing waves and rustic brown cliffs. Although I've been to similar ones in Bali main island (in Uluwatu), I kinda prefer this cos it's less touristy and the cliffs are just incredibly nice! We had lunch at the beach club and soaked in the sun for a good two hours. I actually fell asleep on the beach for like an hour so I became really tanned after that, ouch. There's also a pretty nice infinity pool facing the pool but non hotel guests have to pay 50,000 rupiah to use it.

4. Devil's Tears

Devil's tears is just 5 minutes walk from dream beach so if you're planning your trip, do put it together!

Devil's tears was magnificent and absolutely breathtaking, yet intimidating at the same time. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen at Bali this trip and it really blew my mind. The waves were HUGE, I swear. The pictures can't seem to portray the magnitude of it but it was mega. Never seen anything like that.

Literally mind blown right there, Daniel.

So I decided to be garang and climbed down to the part where the waves actually hit once in awhile. Daniel was pissed with me for not caring about my safety and kept persuading me not to go down cos it was damn dangerous but I just had to :x

Just look at the waves. It look like it was gonna consume the whole of me.

Then guess who went down himself after awhile.................
and who took such a nice photo for you huh.......................

Thank God we were safe (but of course I did careful observation first to see which is the safe spot)

One last hilltop shot before we bid goodbye to the small but beautiful island.

Nusa Lembongan is really small so I feel a day or two should cut it. The water and beaches are nicer than those at mainland Bali and the devil's tears alone makes the trip worthwhile. We reached the island at 9.30am and left at 4.30pm. If you're planning to hire a driver, you can just hire one when you reach the island. Make sure you bargain! However, if you wanna be adventurous, you can rent a bike for around SGD$8 for the whole day!

We booked our ferry transfer at a random stall at Kuta. You know those booths that sell island hopping tours and water activities? Make sure you haggle for a good price too! We paid 350,000 rupiah (about 35sgd) per person for a two way fast boat ride via Glory Express and I think that's pretty ok. It includes pick up and drop off at hotel too! There's nothing much to spend on the island itself so you can just prepare cash for meals and drinks (: Oh yes, bring your own towels too!

You can also read about my Bali Guide 1.0 here. 
This sums up my recent Bali trip and it was beautiful. Always a beach gurl at heart but for now, I'm craving for some cities ^^

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