Thursday, 6 June 2013

♡Midweek Update!♡

 Guess who's got a new nail and eyelash extension sponsor!!!

I'm known to have chipped nails all the time so I ALWAYS get scolded by my friends for not being ladylike, but I'm gonna be having pretty nails from now on (:

My first set of nails by Milly's!
I theme it Mediterranean princess!

There's a promotion going on right now so get your nails done at 30% off!
My nail design would usually cost around $80 (inclusive of classic mani and gelish) but it will only cost $56 after discount, SUPER WORTH IT!
Contact number is on the promo picture!

Not only that, my eyelash extension is now sponsored by them too (:

Here's a picture of me with completely no make up on but just eyelash extensions (i used filter to lighten my eyebags though). Instead of my usual single lash, I tried cluster lashes which have more volume. If you want something more natural, go for single lashes!

Did I mention that the lash extensions kinda create double eyelid for me also? Idk how it works but it folds my eyelid line yay!!!

Surprise bouquet of flowers at my doorstep a few days ago. So happy cos I hardly receive flowers hahah!

For those of you who follow me on instagram, you would have already seen JUICESEA 5 design! And yesssssss I've finally viewed the sample piece and confirmed it for production! 

I know the previous JUICESEA was a bit disappointing as the material wasn't thick enough for swimming costume hence this time, I've purchased ACTUAL thick swimming costumer fabric to manufacture JUICESEA 5. The picture above of the black swimwear is still NOT the final material used hence it looks thin but rest assured the actual swimwear will be thicker and not translucent. It's definitely more expensive and more troublesome on my side, but TJM will absorb the additional cost so y'all can still purchase it at an affordable price (: Also, another problem with the previous JUICESEA designs was that it was free size and it usually fits uk 6-8 and A-B cup best. Hence, this JUICESEA 5 design solves the sizing problem as the back is adjustable. You can tie the back straps accordingly to suit your size. Isn't it wonderful that you have a piece of swimwear that you can wear even when you've lost or gain weight cos you can just adjust the size with the "ribbons" behind!

I'm still deciding on the colors and if I should do it in floral prints, so let me know what you think!


Moving on, it was Errol's birthday last week so we customized him a Supreme cake and surprised him. He's the biggest Supreme fan I've ever met.

Check out his Supreme cake! I thought it was very well done. If you're wondering where we got it done, it's from Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel!

Photoshoot BTS!

Made an impromptu trip to Salon Vim for my fortnight session of hair treatments after photoshoot!

Salon Vim 313 just underwent renovation and I am loving the new concept! We now have individual "stations"/space which I feel more comfortable in to camwhore heheh. And the lighting is also better!

My new book to accompany me!

I did Redken cocktail treatment this time to strengthen my hair!
You can read about the treatment here.

Salon Vim's GSS promotions from 1st June - 31st July: 
-30% off Color and SS2013 highlight - get a haircut at 30% off too
-30% off Treatment (Privy or Redken Cocktail) - get a haircut at 30% off too
For enquiries & appointments, call Salon vim at:
- 6884 7757 (Somerset 313)
- 6837 0073 (Bugis)
- 6732 9388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya)

Caught FF6 with Daniel yesterday and I loved it though some parts are super exaggerating! And Giselle in the movie is DAMN hot I can't even...

I wish I could look 3/4 like her!!!! :(

 While Daniel cut his hair!

Ending off with my outfit for the day! 

Looking forward to the weekend. Meanwhile, stay gold!


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